RIP, Beloved Friend

My little dog passed away on Sunday.

At 17, she had a good and full life, ruling the roost from her tiny throne.

I have been surprised at how deep my grief is.

She was my constant companion when I was home. She was small and not allowed on the furniture in her later years, but she was always nearby-at my feet, in the hallway, keeping watch.

She was also an absolute terror. Barking at every little thing, no concept of consent, always pushing boundaries, peeing all over the house.

Between her death and the Dude’s job loss, it is kind of a sad time at our house right now.

But I am trying to dig out. I am starting to grab onto the Konmari method. I will post about this happy little change in a later post.

Right now I just want to say RIP to a little piece of my heart.