A No-Spend Summer: Week 7

An important rule was tested this week. The Dude needed a new rubber spatula for the camp box, as the one we had disappeared. So he ventured into the local thrift store ALONE!!
He got a spatula, even though we do have one at home that could serve double duty. He also got paracord, which is useful for camping. He also bought pocket knives that he is sure we need, and a set of plastic bowls which he is sure we needed, even though we have 2 sets of plastic bowls.
The 49 cent spatula turned into a $6 purchase. Oh well, at least the validity of the rule was tested pretty cheaply.
We have extra sleeping bags that will keep us warm and so we won’t need to buy replacement bags for the two the flew off the rood last week.

Besides that, I don’t think we spent anything except a few chef’s salads at work, and an iced tea while out and about.

Next week’s post will be a wee bit tardy because we are going here:



This week’s tally:
Thrift shop $6.
Lunches $8
Iced Tea $3

Total- $17