January is almost over

Taking my computer to work was helpful. I brought it home for the weekend. But overall my productivity was pretty good this week. This weekend is a different story and if they awarded prizes for procrastination, I would be in the running for sure! Getting up early to get on the grownup job track has been difficult, because I would like to continue on the night owl track as well. I can’t do both and the more tired I am, the more I am prone to procrastination.

We had our family fiscal meeting today. Overall we are doing pretty good. I need to be more vigilant about bringing food to work and we need to drive less. Our grocery bill was $200 over budget, and we might still have one more trip before the end of the month.

We bought a video camera today. The boys have desperately wanted one, and Luigi consistently is incorporating videos into school problems. They were able to borrow one from school last project, but that was only because Rin was the official video dude for a class assignment. The price of good cameras is disheartening, but Rin did the footwork and found the camera they borrowed from school (and liked) on Amazon, refurbished, for $100.

I am trying to spend 4 solid days at school. This week I might try to flip things on their head and leave my computer at home. Thursday the lure of the internet was strong and I finally had to leave my office (and my computer) and go to other rooms in the building for solid reading time. We have a computer lab I can use if I need to write, and on that computer, I am very focused. Also, even though my laptop is only a couple pounds, add in the cord and it gets a wee bit heavy.

I am going to start keeping a running goal list at the bottom of the post. See how it goes.

Goals for this week:
Finish articles for class one day before class
Go to the gym or walk to and from campus at least 5 times
Finish the first part of my survey
Prep for discussion section the day before class
Grade papers before the weekend
Organize my exam reading lists
Watch a movie

I want to be more of this:


And less of this: