When I type “Intentionality” into the search bar in Unsplash, I get lots of photos of mountains and camping (I will use them throughout this post, so you can see what I mean).

Moonrise over a mountain

Photo by Aaron Benson on Unsplash

I thought I would find a lot more pictures of yoga than I did.

Nevertheless, mountains and camping are tied to intentionality in the search algorithm.

Hiker standing on a cliff in the mountains

Photo by Jasper Van Lommel on Unsplash

But these is a messier, less pretty meaning of intentionality. It is the part that my happy ADD brain does not like.

You might call it “follow through.” “Showing up” gets to it too.

Walking trail up a hill

Photo by Nikita Andreev on Unsplash

I love creating plans. Lists and graphics to add to lists and post its and white boards are my favorites. I can brainstorm with the best of them.

Implementation though? No thank you.


Photo by Kevin Chen on Unsplash

The other day, I stumbled into my Google Docs and found a contract we created for one of our kids. This was a behavioral contract, printed up and signed by all parties. And then promptly forgotten.

Bridge over a river

Photo by David Kovalenko on Unsplash

Today I was thinking about the word intentionality-not as a gauzy, wispy word for skinny women who live in minimalist apartments, but as a word for what I must do to make myself follow through. Instead of just planning things and then forgetting, I have to plan the next steps, with one of those steps being to plan the next steps after.

Tent camping on a lakeside

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

I think I used to be better at some of this, but my executive functioning skills have all be busy keeping my work and school humming along. Personal and family life goals have taken a toll. But now I will start broadening my scope.

Two victories in this:

  1. I have started planning my graduation party! The idea of figuring out a date and securing a park shelter was overwhelming. But I have done it! I got a date, reserved a space, and have created a game plan.
  2. I realized that the twice weekly nature of this blog is a real thing. I acknowledged it and am working on building up a stash of posts. But just acknowledging that this is a thing I am feeling and I must push through anyway is huge for me!

Update on the summer of fun list:

I went to a work happy hour last week! I got sick because I had one beer and part of a cider while sitting outside on a hot day, so that was no fun. But the rest of it was fun! We also went out with Ci on Friday, caught two movies, had food cart dinner, and watched a dance thing.

We are going to attend trivia night this week!

I wanted to go to the art museum last week but my schedule was not agreeable. I will try again this week.

We are going to Mount Saint Helens on Saturday. We thought about hiking this weekend, but instead had a walk in the park.

I am reading Big Little Lies and Desperate Characters

Not a bad start!