Hello again

Welcome to my new site! Grab a cup of coffee or tea (or wine or beer or whatever), pull up a chair, and let’s chat!

It has been 8 years since I started blogging as a way to cope with a new life and a new city. As my dissertation work ramped up, I set blogging aside. Now that I have graduated, I am picking it back up. So I will start with a new bio.

I have a  PhD in sociology and I work in government research. My husband does accounting stuff. We live in the greater Portland area, with views like this.

My boys have not stopped growing. 2 are now adults and are figuring out adulthood, a little at a time. They are still living with us and so I will be able to write more about their adventures! The youngest is finishing up his junior year. Where does the time go?

The two terrible dogs are still with us, but now they are ancient and terrible.

In this blog, I will be writing about a host of topics. Since it is wide-ranging, I have changed the title to Kitchen Table Sociology.

I will write about the transition to middle class, paying off debt, parenting older children, and experimenting with finding my passion. I will have a some separate categories as well.

Many years ago, I started the series entitled “It’s GRIM,” in which I discussed gender representation in children’s media. I will be picking that back up. There will be an outline post coming soon. I will produce at least one post per week, digging into all your favorite pre-school shows!

I will also look at other media issues through a sociological lens.

Social issues

I will turn my sociological lens to whatever strikes my fancy as often as I can!

This is a new blog site as I have moved from Blogger to WordPress. Please subscribe to get all the great new content I will be churning out.