Analysis: Beat Bugs

This show is Beatles-esque.

Crick- an inventive cricket (boy)
Jay-ambitious and impulsive (boy)
Kumi-mother-type (girl)
Buzz-little kid-(girl)
Walter-silly, body humor (boy)

This is going to be a short post because there is just not a lot going on here. The premise is that the show will find a way to weave Beatles songs into a story, and will get a famous person to sing the Beatles song. Unfortunately, the story that the song is tied to is not terribly interesting.

I will focus the gender bits.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is the name of the episode, but also a character. She is a fairy and is nurturing.

Uncle Wilbur-was a weird uncle who flew too close to the bug light and was never seen again.

So, there are two grownups in this episode:  the male bug is adventurous and the female bug is nurturing.


Crick cannot understand Lucy’s use of imagination because it has nothing to do with science. The boy needs help from girls to be able to get out of scientific thinking and use his imagination.

In this show, there was no one lead. But it did have positive messages, and has a female lead (along with male leads).

I might have to start counting the number of leads per gender on these ensemble casts. This one had more boys than girls, and one of the girls is basically a toddler.

Analysis: The show is cute and getting the next generation hooked on Beatles’ tunes is a noble goal. But the gender roles exhibited in this episode make my guitar gently weep.



Count today- 1 show
Count total- 11 shows
Shows with male lead- 6
Shows with female lead- 4
Shows with a positive message for girls, starring a female lead-3

New categories:

Shows that have a male adult lead-5
Shows that have a female adult lead-1