A most unsettled week

My week was supposed to go like this:

Finish my syllabus, get some lessons planned, take lots of walks, go on a hike, tidy the house, do some painting.

No. It hasn’t gone like that at all.


The city is installing a sewer line on our street, which means that there is crew working outside our house every day, with loud machines, vibrations, and occasional house shaking bangs.

We had the landlady visit to look at some issues, which is nerve wracking because she has expectations of cleanliness. Although the house was clean by our standards, she noted the carpet is “pretty beat up”

We found out the Rin’s dream high school might not accept him (after they already accepted him and he turned down choice two), because they don’t know what to do with a homeschool record.

I decided to crack the whip and make Rin finish the school work he has been slacking on. This has resulted in me sitting on the couch with him for pretty much nonstop since Monday. He is getting the work done though.

Tuesday we found out that Magnus is in jeopardy of failing one of his classes, so he has to spend every waking hour researching and writing.

Photo by Tamás Mészáros from Pexels

Yesterday we got a letter letting us know that the landlady intends to sell the house and so we have to move by July 15.

My first reaction was deep sadness because I am finally getting the house to look like I want it to. ( I will still take and post pics soon)

And today, we had a swarm of bees in our yard.


So yeah, quite different from how I planned.

Focusing on the positive-I got my syllabi done, Magnus should be able to pull the class off with a C and his other two classes are fine, Magnus got the classes he wants for the fall, there are some houses available, the landlady is giving us a bit longer than required and she will prorate the rent if we move earlier. And bees are cool.