2014 Year in Review- 2015 Year in Anticipation

2014 was not a great year for me. It wasn’t a bad year, but neither was it triumphant.

There were no major educational milestones hit, there was an unexpected move, there was an admission of failure on the homeschooling front, there was a desperate need for more friends and socializing, but precious little time to cultivate it.

However, there were moments of awesome.
I got to see 3 of my sisters!

And some redwoods and sea lions.

I got to see a good friend and her cats and meet her good man. And see Seattle.

I got to make new friends and professional connections. I was able to sneak in some time with old friends as well.
I climbed to the top of Beacon Rock and only got scared once

I walked part of the Golden Gate Bridge and didn’t get scared at all.
I had the supreme good fortune to witness my children grow another year into the people they are.
We all enjoyed good health.
I became the mother of an adult.
I designed and taught 4 unique classes.
I got to guest teach at my alma mater, which filled me with so much joy.
I had students confide in me, I facilitated student learning, and I received a round of applause at the end of my most difficult class. I view teaching as an incredible privilege and research as the thing I have to do in order teach.
I collected nearly all of the data I need to write my dissertation.
I began to volunteer at the humane society, doing work that really fills my soul.

Looking ahead to 2015, I want to make some changes. I want to ramp up from good to great. I need to do some fine tuning. 2014 felt like a year on hold. 2015 will be a year of action.

My intentions:
I will think and see more positively. I intend to start each day with a short motivational video to help me get in a more positive mindset. I truly believe that I have the power in me for greatness. I need to tap the potential.

I will watch for ways to help others achieve their goals and do what I can. When I have a good impulse, I will act on it immediately if possible, and not let the small negative voice shut it down.

I will get my house in order and keep it that way. We moved into this house sight unseen in August. The lay out is odd and the space is small for us. I am currently reworking the spaces to make them work for us. I want us to love our home.

I will write some immediate, short term, long term, and life goals and figure out what steps I need to take to reach those goals. And then work towards those goals. I will write the goals in places that I can see them. I will create (in the words of Robin Sharma) a pristine bubble of total focus on my most valuable opportunities.

I will help the boys find activities and social circles that truly feed their souls.

I will help Pete find his career path and go for it with all his might.

I will turn my eyes towards physical, mental, and spiritual health. I will exercise at least 5 times per week. I will meditate every night. I may join the 5 AM Club  (I am on a bit of a Robin Sharma kick today). I will figure out what eating healthy looks like for us and work towards it. I will read more and Netflix less. I will spend less time online and more time with family and friends. I will institute game night. I give church another try.

I will write every day. I will have a draft of my dissertation to my committee by December. I will have publications in the pipeline. I will have job applications sent out.

I will worry less and trust and request help more.

With these steps, I will transform a good 2014 into a great 2015.

I wish each and every one of you a truly wonderful 2015.

*Note: I did not think this post would include so many animal pictures, but when I was choosing pics from the year, these are the ones that spoke to me.